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Park & Trails

Chalmers Park has a lot to offer children and adults. For the kids the playground has merry-go-round, swings, slides, standup see-saw and a fun play structure and even a swing for the baby. For the teenagers and adults the park offers two softball fields, a volleyball court and a horseshoe pit. The park has a pavilion that everyone can enjoy, it has 8 – 10 tables, grills, trashcans and a drinking fountain.  Everyone can also enjoy the trails that are located just north of the softball fields. The land for the trails was purchased from Thompson Farms. In 2009, it was plowed and disked by antique equipment from Mark and Scott King’s collection. There were several volunteers Mark and Scott King, Tyler Grumm, Nick Brenner, Greg and Madeline Hollingsworth, and Ed Heath. The park board assumed that gravel trails would have to be put in until funds were raised for asphalt. The board came across Central Paving and found that they were reconstructing the highway between Chalmers and Brookston. Discussions were made about putting in trails with recycled materials from the old asphalt. The project was started spring of 2010, then delayed because of the excess rain, which resulted in the asphalt Sitting along Hwy 43 on the south side of Chalmers. The trails took one day to cut by Matthews Paving, but because of rain had to be dried out and recut in places. The trails were laid and rolled and ready for use.

The park board is thrilled with the trails and hope that everyone come and enjoy them. We plan on having special days at the park that might include Kite Day (make and play with kites), Full-moon Walks (night walks under full moon), Howdy Neighbor Walk (special evening walks). The park board has plans of adding many trees, bushes, wild flowers, benches and trash cans along the trails. The park board would appreciate any donations of plants, flower, trees or bushes, these can be from your property!

The park consists of:

  • Children’s play equipment
  • 2 softball fields
  • Pavilion (to reserve call Town Hall office)
  • Horseshoe pit
  • Volleyball court
  • Rest Room (open seasonal)

The trails include:

Donations and volunteers are appreciated, please contact the office at (219) 984-5494.

Park Board Members

David Kurth

Mark and Betty King

Shirley Farmer

Pam Hine

Jack Newman

Faith Willoughby